Business Development Plan 2017


The City of Newnan operates in a hyper-competitive environment, not unlike a private enterprise. The City competes with other communities for investment opportunities. Ever changing trends reflected in the state of the national economy create additional pressure. In an increasingly integrated and competitive market, local jurisdictions must work harder to cultivate sustained economic success. The City of Newnan, through the Business Development Department, has an opportunity to initiate an action strategy designed to mitigate existing challenges while simultaneously taking advantage of current and future opportunities. A successful business development strategy will incorporate and build upon current developments, while concurrently attending to future opportunities, to assist the City in understanding relevant trends and challenges. In addition, this strategy must create a sense of collective responsibility among all stakeholder groups – public and private. This strategy was not created in a vacuum and is not intended to remain static. Goals and objectives will and must change in relation to Newnan’s distinctive position in the marketplace. The basis for this strategy began with accessing, analyzing and integrating data and observations contained in local, regional and statewide economic development plans and initiatives. Interviews and community meetings with key stakeholder groups were held and serve as an additional data source.

Business Development Plan 2017

The Business Development Plan is the means by which the City of Newnan will implement its roadmap for economic success with a focus on actions that have the greatest impact on the local economy in the short-term that also builds for long-term economic sustainability. The plan recommends five overarching goals that support Newnan’s competitiveness for private investment in a rapidly changing market, followed by strategic initiatives that will provide an achievable framework for action. The concise plan will be used to inform and motivate stakeholder groups and partners to better understand the complexities, relationships and benefits of successful economic development and take the necessary actions to advance the determined initiatives.

Business Development Vision

The City of Newnan is a globally competitive community, connected to the modern economy, with access to economically sustainable opportunities for entrepreneurs of all types and sizes to locate and expand a business.

Guiding Principles

• Responsive and Efficient Government • Competitive Business Climate • Strategic Policy and Infrastructure Investment • Extraordinary Quality of Life • Economic Sustainability • Leadership and Collaboration

Business Development Mission

Working with numerous public and private sector partners, create and implement an economically sustainable environment that stimulates a modern and growing economy, produces wealth for residents and businesses, strengthens existing and future industry clusters, diversifies the City of Newnan’s economic base and increases the commercial tax base for the City.

Business Development Goals

Goal 1: Retain & Expand Existing Businesses. Goal 2: Recruit Quality Employment and Investment Opportunities Goal 3: Catalyze Redevelopment of Existing Assets Goal 4: Market Newnan’s Competitive Advantages Goal 5: Improve Capacity of Business Development